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Are you moving this Summer?
Please contact the Office for information regarding student records requests if you are in route to another duty station.
CSMS Summer Camps start soon!! We will host both Science and Band Summer Camps. Camps run from 31 May to 23 Jun (Monday through Thursday from 0830 to 1030). Camps will be held at Myer Elementary School. Sign up and return payment to the CSMS Front Office. Click HERE for info on the Science Camp. Click HERE for info on the Band Camp.
The CSMS National Junior Honor Society students are collecting items for their Hope for the Homeless campaign. Please help them to help those less fortunate. Click HERE to find out what they are collecting!
The spring Walk and Bike to School event is May 4th. Please plan on walking or biking to school that day. Flyers are available in the CSMS front office.
Snow Day

 Inclement Weather

Parents: Please initiate a plan with your student on days of difficult weather such as a meeting place, alternate transportation if required, appropriate dress for the weather conditions. We strive to maximize instructional time by minimizing disruptions, and we appreciate your understanding in this manner.

Immunization Back to School News
By law all students’ immunizations must be up to date prior to the first day of School Year 2015-2016.  Boosters are mandatory for 4 year olds (Kindergarten) to include TDaP and Polio and 11 year olds ( 6th grade) to include Meningococcal and Tdap. Make sure to get these immunizations completed this summer through your primary care provider by making an appointment.  If your primary care physician is at RWBHC call 533-9200 for immunizations and well child physical appointment.

 Welcome to Colonel Smith Middle School



New Smith

 Smith Middle School

 Colonel Smith Middle School serves students in grades six through eight with an approximate enrollment of 330 students. Students attend Mathematics, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, P.E., and exploratory classes. Exploratory classes include Art, Band, Choir, Spanish, Research Applications, Digital Tools, Video Production, and both Basic and Advanced STEM. We plan student schedules to rotate them through as many exploratory classes as possible over a three year period.

Smith Middle School Vision:
~Real world, authentic Project Based Learning
~STEM Driven, integrated, group instruction
~Supported by integrated technology
~Student Centered, Teacher Facilitated

All students will be issued iPads for use at school.
Parents and Students must sign the Acceptable Use Policy and pay a $30.00 Tech Fee that will cover the upkeep and any accidental damage to the iPad.


 We are having safety concerns during morning drop off.  If you are dropping your students off please be sure that you are following the posted directions.  One lane is for through traffic only, the other is for stopping to drop your student off.  If you are in the lane to drop students off please be sure to pull as far forward as possible to allow more students to exit at once.  Do not drive through (you may park) the parking lot to drop your students off.  The fort MPs will be issuing citations to those not following directions.  Please contact the school office with any questions. 


Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe.