Dear Parents,                                              March 21,  2017


HAPPY SPRING!!!  Science Projects were GREAT!!!!  Thanks so
much for helping your child stay on task and complete their projects. 
3rd Quarter is over and the year is buzzing along.  Please make sure
to check your child's grades regularly on PowerSchool to make sure
all work is turned in.   I am checking behavior and writing notes regularly,
so  please make sure you check agenda's daily.
Changes:  I have stopped the blue ribbon behavior program because it has
lost its effectiveness.  I will use the agendas to circle/check their behavior color
for the day.  Please talk to your children about the importance of good
classroom behavior and your expectations for them. 
Subject updates: 
In science we have begun our lesson on classifications and adaptations.
and preparing for our AIMS science test on March 28th.  The students
have had several study sessions over the material learned and have learned
many valuable test taking skills. 
In Math we are continuing fractions and beginning to see how fractions
and decimals are related. We are also reviewing many of the skills
learned as a refresher.  100% of my class is now proficient in math
facts!!! Congratulations to all on their hard work!
In Social Studies we are beginning to talk about the Gold Rush and
population growth in Arizona. Their Arizona booklets turned out
great and will be on display on our bulletin board fro all to see! 
Spring Basket Raffle:  Students can still purchase tickets to try to
win any of the fabulous baskets.  They are on display in the front
Reports will go home on March 29th.  Please check with your child.
Spelling: due Fri- is online at and will
submitted on-line so that there will be no more excuses about forgetting
it at home.  Homework will be accepted late, but will receive a late
grade. My class has reported to me that they are exciting about doing
their homework on on-line!
Math:  ACC math practices:  Due Wednesday 
 Upcoming tests:
March 28th- AIMS Science Test 
April 4th- AZMerit Writing Test
If you have any questions,  please feel free to email me at
 Ms. Akers