October 4, 2012

Dear Parents,

Starting on October 5, 2012 the Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District Nutrikid's Program is changing their web payment service from to All parents that currently use will have their accounts automatically transferred to the new webpay service at, so please do not try to add a new account.

Once this change starts there will be some down time when the maintenance service is being switched over. The service change should only take 24-48 hours so the service should be functioning by Sunday morning.

Once the service is up you can go to and resume making payments as usual. Your information will remain the same. If you enter you will be redirected to

Remember if you had an account with your password and logon will remain the same.

The below site is an excellent resource for parents to learn more about


Frank Bell

Nutrikids Program Manager

Last Modified on October 4, 2012