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Fort Huachuca Accommodation Schools Governing Board is seeking applicants for a recently vacated position.  Members of the FHAS Governing Board are appointed rather than elected.  Applicants should submit a one page paper stating how they meet the requirements to serve on the Board, length of time they would be able to serve on the Board, and an explanation as to why they wish to serve as a member of the Board.  Governing Board Members serve 4 year terms.  They are influential members of the Fort Huachuca Accommodation Schools system who attend meetings at least once a month and other meetings or ceremonies as needed.  Members vote on school policy, effect hiring decisions, and determine the vision for the school District.  FHAS offers opportunities for new members to attend workshops and conferences which review the duties of Governing Board Members and current affairs effecting Arizona public schools. 


The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for the appointment:

  • Be a registered voter.
  • Board members cannot be, or have a spouse who is, an employee of the district when assuming office or during the term of office.
  • Board members cannot serve simultaneously on more than one school district governing board.


  • Potential Board Members must be employed on the Fort Huachuca Installation, whose boundaries are coterminous with the School District

The position is unpaid, though some expenses may be reimbursed.

School board members have no individual authority over school matters. The authority of a board member includes expressing an opinion and casting a vote as a part of the governing board in a board meeting.



Posted November 5, 2015

Welcome to the Fort Huachuca Accommodation School district, where it is an honor and privilege to serve as the Superintendent.  Our district is located on Fort Huachuca Army Installation and we are proud to serve primarily Military/Fort dependent students and their families.

Our school district is keenly focused on student learning for every student based on strong academic standards, best practices, and data driven decision making.  We utilize embedded technology and emphasize teaching the "whole" child.  Our goal is to help each child reach his or her full potential.  Students are educated to become successful, productive citizens who are critical thinkers and exhibit strong moral character.  We have a reputation for excellence in academics, the fine arts, and extracurricular programs.

We appreciate the strong commitment of the military community, our school board, parents, students, and our dedicated staff.  All are essential to the educational excellence of the Fort Huachuca Accommodation School district. 

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the Fort Huachuca Accommodation School district.



Bonnie Austin

FHASD Superintendent


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