School Info & Hours of Operation

    All Schools Have Early Release on Thursdays



    COLONEL JOHNSTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL     Grades K – 2               520.459.8798

    47121 H Avenue, Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85613         

    Principal:                      Sandy Larson                          

    Principal’s Secretary:  Lisa Kyte

    REGULAR SCHOOL HOURS:   8:05 A.M. - 2:15 P.M.      THURSDAY EARLY RELEASE: 1:05 P.M.



                                      Special Needs Preschool Morning & Afternoon Sessions

    Morning Session:    8:30 A.M.  -  10:30 A.M.                        Afternoon Session:   12:15 P.M. – 2:15 P.M.


    GENERAL MYER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL               Grades 3 – 5               520.459.8986

    45103 Burns Street, Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85613      

    Principal:                      Jennifer Truitt-Lewis                               

    Principal’s Secretary:  Pam Jordan   

    REGULAR SCHOOL HOURS:    7:55 A.M. -  2:40 P.M.      THURSDAY EARLY RELEASE: 1:25 P.M.               


    COLONEL SMITH MIDDLE SCHOOL                         Grades 6– 8               520.459.8892

    5651 E. Smith Avenue, Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85613                                                     

    Principal:                      Joseph Gargiul                                           

    Principal’s Secretary: Glusta Williams

    REGULAR SCHOOL HOURS:   7:50 A.M. - 2:55 P.M.     THURSDAY EARLY RELEASE:  1:50 P.M.


    Fort Huachuca Accommodation Schools are Arizona public schools under the Department of Education. The schools are not Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS). The school district is under the direction and authority of a school board and directly administered by a district superintendent. Financial support for Fort Huachuca Schools is derived from state aid and federal impact aid.



    School grounds and buildings are open, and students are under supervision, fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of their school day until dismissal time. Students should not arrive more than fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the school day unless prior arrangements have been made. Students leaving school prior to regular dismissal time must be picked up by a parent or an approved emergency contact.



    Textbooks are furnished at no expense to students. Misuse or unwarranted wear and tear of books will result in charges for repairs. If books are lost, students will be held responsible for the cost of the books. The District makes every effort to provide basic school supplies however, there may be occasions when a teacher will request the student bring a special item. In the event a student cannot bring an item; efforts will be made to assist in obtaining the item for the student.



    According to Arizona law, those students whose immunizations are not up-to-date will not be allowed to attend school until verification is provided to the school nurse.



    Transportation of students is a privilege extended to students in the District, and not a statutory requirement, except for transportation of students with disabilities as indicated in their IEP (Individual Education Program). Transportation funding is determined by the Arizona Department of Education and DOES NOT provide for transporting students within a one-mile radius of the schools.  Students residing off-post must be transported to school by a parent or guardian.  Students are NOT to arrive prior to fifteen (15) minutes before school starts; there are no staff members before that time to assist in student supervision. Students riding bicycles to school should make sure their bike is placed in the bike rack and locked to prevent loss. Transportation questions and/or inquiries should be directed to the Transportation/Maintenance Manager at:  520.458.5082 ext. 1401.



    A School Board governs the District. Governing Board Meetings are held each month and are designed to communicate with the public. Meeting agendas are posted at each school building, the District office,and on the District website www.fthuachuca.k12.az.us  In addition, each school sends home monthly newsletters and all three (3) schools host a marquee which announces special events/meetings and other information.


    After registration your student you will receive a Student Handbook.  The Student Handbook is a guide that contains information to familiarize you with your child’s school. The District makes every attempt, when possible, to place important events/information in the local newspapers (Huachuca Scout/Sierra Vista Herald).  We also utilize the Commander’s Access Television Channel (97), radio stations, and the district website (www.fthuachuca.k12.az.us)in times of inclement weather or school closings.


    The Superintendent sponsors an “open door” policy. However, as in the military system, there is a chain of command.  If a Parent has a concern or complaint they should speak with the Teacher first; if the concern is not resolved, the Principal would be the next person to contact. If after meeting with the Teacher and Principal, there is still no resolution, then the Superintendent may be notified. The last link in the chain would be the School Board.  A School Liaison Officer is also available to assist with unresolved concerns. The School Liaison Officer can be reached at:  520.533.0874.



    The District employs military dependents and civilians in various positions throughout the District. We encourage anyone interested in employment with the District to visit the administration office, the school sites, or the district website for vacancy announcements. Please contact Human Resources for further information at:  520.458.5082 ext.1009.




    DIAL:  520.458.5082 and Extension Number


    Mark Goodman


    Ext. 1009







    James Taylor

    Director of Special Education

    Ext 1007







    Susana Stinson

    Secretary to the Superintendent/HR

    Ext 1009





    Tammy Sickrey

    Account Clerk/Payroll

    Ext 1003







    Kevin Martin

    Account Clerk/Accounts Payable

    Ext 1002







    Karen Nieto

    Manager of finance/Business

    Ext 1001







    Frank Bell

    Director of Technology

    Ext 1025















    On behalf of theSchool Board, Administration, and Staff, welcome to Fort Huachuca Schools!


Last Modified on May 7, 2019