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    Technology at Colonel Smith Middle School

    Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District is a technology rich district. Digital tools enhance and support instruction and are an integral component in our society.Students are provided access to a variety of technology to assist them in learning about and leveraging tools to prepare them for life and work in the digital age.
    Colonel Smith Middle School (CSMS) provides an iPad to each student for access to digital curriculum, instructional materials, a productivity applications.These tools are used to support the instruction in each classroom and may be integrated very differently from class-to-class. Consider the relevant integration of technology in P.E. in relation to that of Art or Language Arts or Math. Instruction is the driving mechanism for the integration of technology.

    An iPad is a mobile tablet-like digital device that is "app-driven". The units have links through the Apps to connect to the internet to research information to add to their knowledge-base, develop understanding, and for the completion ofprojects. The extra Apps on the student devices were selected by the CSMS staff and support student learning objectives and state standards. Some of the Apps are designed for productivity or are work-producing tools. Apps such as Pages,Noteability, Idea Sketch, and Pad Cad Lite provide a digital work space on which students can create work to deepen their understanding or demonstrate their knowledge.


    The Apps provided tostudents vary from grade-to-grade. Sixth graders may use Apps the Eighthgraders do not (and vice-versa). According to USA Today, about 300 Apps aredeveloped every day. While our staff does not review that many Apps, ourteachers are constantly looking for tools to support student learning. Apps maybe added or removed if a better tool is found, throughout the year. You willfind a list of adopted Apps on the iPad FAQ page.



    eBackpack (eBP) is a virtual locker the school provides for students and teachers to share documents virtually. Teachers can save documents (assignments or information sheets) in eBackpack which students can retrieve. Students can access, view, or download documents (assignments or information sheets) which can be completed and saved to then be turned in to the teacher's Assignment Turn In Folder on eBackpack. Please see the attached tutorials that provide instructions with screenshots for Retrieving and Submitting documents to eBackpack on both an iPad and on a Home Computer. These tutorials are saved as PDFs. You will need Adobe or a free Adobe Reader to access these tutorials. Click hereto go to Adobe's download page.

    For tutorials on accessing and using eBackpack, visit our Tutorial page.


    For any questions please call Karl Griffor at 520.459.8892.
Last Modified on August 10, 2016