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    appleMy name is Allison Kosmider.  I have been a resident of Arizona since 1997.  I received a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from West Chester University in 1992.  I hold endorsements in Structured English Immersion, Reading, and Early Childhood. 
    This will be my 20th year teaching and my third year at Colonel Johnston Elementary.  Most of my experience has been in early childhood-8 years in kindergarten and 8 years in 2nd grade.  I have also taught preschool and 4th grade.  My love is kindergarten.  My son is a senior in High School.  I also have two older successful stepsons. This past year I became a grandmother to our first granddaughter.   I enjoy biking, scrap booking, traveling, reading and spending time with family and friends.



    Welcome to Kindergarten!


    Dear Kindergarten Families,

     It is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to Kindergarten!  My name is Mrs. Kosmider and I will be your child’s kindergarten teacher for the  2015-2016 school year.  This will be my 2nd year at Colonel Johnston Elementary School and my 19th year teaching. The majority of my teaching experience has been in the primary grades.  I am very familiar with the academic and social skills needed to be a life long learner.  I look forward to helping your child develop the essential skills needed to be a successful student at our school.

     Kindergarten is a very special year in your child’s growth and development.  Your child will be developing their reading, writing, math, and social skills.  It is important to help your child take responsibility with their learning at the beginning of their school career. 

     Please read everything carefully so that you will be aware of some of the requirements and expectations that are important to your child’s success this year.

     If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I will check my phone messages and email periodically throughout the day and will try to respond promptly. Your child is special to me and working together as a team, we can make this a positive and enjoyable year. 



    Mrs. Kosmider

                              Our Kindergarten Day

     Please read the following information carefully.  It will give you important information about our day!

     *Arrival and Dismissal:  Kindergarten students line up at 8:10 am.  I, or our classroom aide, will meet them.  Please do not bring your child into the classroom before this time, as I may not be in the classroom.  Children who arrive after 8:10 will be marked tardy from the office staff.

     The children will be dismissed at 2:15pm.  Please indicate on the proper forms how your child will be getting home. If you are changing how your child is getting home (ex. Your child is a pick-up instead of riding the bus), you must send a note informing us of this change, even if it is only for one day.  This will help alleviate any confusion.

     Your child will only be released to the people you designate on the emergency/information card you filled out for the office.

     *Lunch:  The children will eat their lunches in the cafeteria.  A monthly menu of hot lunches will be sent home.  You can pay for lunches daily or you can send money to be applied to your child’s account.  Please keep track of your child’s lunch money to eliminate any problems.

     *Snack:  Our schedule has a morning snack.  Instead of asking you to provide a daily snack, I will be asking each parent to provide a healthy snack for the whole class each month.  A calendar will be sent home each month with the date you are responsible for snack. 

     *Rest Time - “Brain Break”:  For the first four to six weeks of school, students will have a 20-minute rest time in the afternoon.  We will be extremely busy each day and this will give students a chance to adjust to the school schedule.  Students may bring a towel or small blanket to rest on if they wish.

     *Specials:  Kindergarten students will have the following specials in the afternoon for the first quarter.  Please make sure your child wears sneakers on PE days.

                               Monday        -   Art

                               Tuesday       -   PE

                               Wednesday   -  Computers

                               Thursday      -   No Specials

                                Friday           -  Library


                        ***Specials will change each quarter, please check your child’s Bee book for updates.

    Home-School Communication


    *Bee Books/Daily Folders:  Students will bring home a folder each day with completed work and parent information.  Please check these folders daily.  Read, complete, and return appropriate papers in this folder. Please keep all page protectors in the folder for your future reference.

    *Homework:  Homework will be sent home on a daily basis beginning after the first few weeks of school.  Please check the folder daily for your child’s homework.  Your child’s homework will be a review of the skills your child is learning.

    *Notes:  Notes are required for the following reasons:

                      Absences/ illness

                      Early dismissal for appointments

                      Change in after school procedure 

    *Family Letters:  Letters will be sent home regularly explaining what we are learning and any information you may need.  Please make sure you read these letters!    

    Other Important Information

    Dressing for School:  Please dress your child in comfortable clothing for school.  It is best to dress your child in “play” clothes instead of “dress” clothes since some of our activities require students to paint, sit on the floor, and playing outside.  In cold weather, please dress your child accordingly since we may go outside to play or for a short walk on the school grounds.  We do many physical activities during the day so it is recommended that your child does not wear clogs or flip-flops to school.  Please make sure your child has sneakers on for PE.

     Medications:  The school nurse will administer all medications.  Please contact the nurse if your child is to be given any medicine during school hours.  Do not send medicine to school in your child’s backpack. This includes cough drops and “sore throat lollipops”.

     Birthdays:  Children may celebrate birthdays in school.   You may send in a special treat on this day.  According to school policy, birthday treats cannot be something sweet-cupcakes, cookies, cake, etc.  Please let me know ahead of time if you plan to celebrate your child’s birthday at school.


    Parents, I am very excited about the upcoming year!  I look forward to working with you and your child to create a fun-filled and academically enriched environment!


    **If you have any questions, please contact me at school at 459-8798 or email kosmidera@fhasd.org.


    Classroom Behavior


    A positive, pro-active attitude is taken with discipline.  When a minor problem arises with a student, he or she will be given a non-verbal response, such as a signal or eye contact, to correct the behavior.  If that is not effective, we will employ other responses.  This may include, but is not limited to, saying the student’s name, moving to the student, or getting the student actively involved in the lesson or activity.  If the student continues to misbehave, he/ she will then put their clothespin from the “ready to learn” block to “teacher’s choice”.   If the student continues to misbehave, the student will move his clothespin to the next block. Other consequences will be employed.  These may include, but are not limited to, loss of privileges, making up lost time during recess or classroom “free-time”, phone call to a parent, or a visit with the principal.


    Students will “clip” down when they:

    • Interrupt me when I’m teaching.
    • Are disrespectful to another student or adult.
    • Cannot sit still or purposely interfere with another student’s learning.
    • Do not behave during specials or lunch.


    If a student is involved in a major disruption, such as fighting, swearing, threatening a student or staff member, or defiance, then the student will be referred to the principal.  The principal will then decide what the consequences will be.


    Students will “clip” up when they:

    • Go the extra mile to help a student in need.
    • Are the first or second to do what I ask.
    • Are polite and respectful.
    • Do amazingly good work.

    Students will be rewarded with outstanding behavior with pennies to put into their individual banks in our classroom.  When students reach 10 pennies, they will visit the treasure box.


    I will be in constant communication with parents about students’ classroom behavior.   Please discuss and review with your child the importance of following classroom and school rules.


                      Classroom Rules

    1.         Be respectful

    2.        Be responsible

    3.        Be safe


    If you have any questions, please give me a call.  Thank you for your cooperation.

    Mrs. Kosmider