• Colonel Johnston Elementary School
    47121 H Street, Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85613 
    Telephone  520-459-8798      Fax  520-452-4090
    Principal                                               Sandy Larson       larsons@fhasd.org
    Principal's Secretary                           Lisa Kyte                          kytel@fhasd.org 
    Registrar/Attendance                         Suzi Sanchez                  sanchezs@fhasd.org
    Attendance Procedures 
    • Parents/Guardians, please call the Johnston School front office (520.459.8798) prior to the beginning of the school day, or sooner, when your child will be absent.  Please let your child's teacher know as well.
    • It is vital to keep your student's contact information up to date:  telephone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, etc.