• Mr. Kyte
    Mark Kyte
    Physical Education, grades K - 2
    459-8798 ext. 1199
     Mr. Kyte



    Students will be participating in Physical Education classes this school year. The majority of the P.E. activities are conducted outdoors. Please remind your child to wear appropriate shoes and clothing on his/her assigned day.  




    The Johnston School P.E. Program is designed to meet the Arizona State Standards for Physical Education in grades K - 2. Activities are planned with the following objectives in mind:

      •        Development of coordination, skills, cardiovascular endurance, and fitness
      •        Cooperative learning (teamwork, sharing, peer tutoring)
      •        Enjoyable activities
      •        Inclusion of all students
      •    Safe and positive learning environment
      •        Promotion of an active lifestyle
    Parents should contact the school nurse if medical reasons prevent your child from participating in specific activities.


                                                                                        Thank You,


                                                                                        Mark Kyte

                                                                                        Physical Education Teacher