Name: Mrs. Kim Tomlin
    Grade/Subject: 5th Grade



    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to Mrs. Tomlin’s fifth grade.  I am so excited you are in my class.  The following information should help you to prepare for this school year and give you information about classroom expectations and procedures.  I hope you find this information helpful.

    School Hours: School begins at 7:55 everyday. (Please do not let your child arrive before 7:40 because we do not have supervision outside until that time)

    School ends at 2:40 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

    Thursday we have early release at 1:25.

    Recess is from 9:25am- 9:40 am

    Lunch is from- 11:55-12:35

    Monday- Music 10:05-11:00
    Tuesday- Library 10:05- 11:00
     Wednesday- Computer Lab 10:05-11:00
    Thursday-Art 10:05- 11:00
     Friday- PE 10:05- 11:00


    School Rules- The B’s

    Our school has only four rules, but they are rules that cover all types of situations and help us provide for a wonderful learning environment.

    Rule 1:  Be safe

    Rule 2:  Be responsible

    Rule 3:  Be respectful
    Rule 4:  Be Kind
    Rule 5: Be here and be on time

    We will go over these rules in class and will discuss with the kids what each one means and how they apply in and out of the classroom.

    Daily Agendas

    I put an agenda up everyday and I ask my students to write down their classroom assignments and homework.  During the first quarter I will check the agendas daily.  After the first quarter I will spot check them on a regular basis.  I would appreciate it if you would check your child’s agenda regularly.

    The agenda can also be a great way to communicate.   You can write me a note in the agenda and have your child bring it to me and I can do the same.

    Progress Reports-

    Progress reports will be sent home every 2 weeks. 

    You will also get a login for PowerSchool so that you may check your child's grades at anytime. 


    Class work and Homework

    Assignments are given daily in all subjects.  I work very hard to give students adequate time to work on their work in class if they stay on task.  If students do not finish class work in class they are to take it home and complete it for homework.  They can turn it in the next day for full credit.

    Homework is generally assigned on Monday-Thursday.  I rarely assign homework on Friday.  Homework is work that will help reinforce what your child is working on in class.

    This year I am requiring students to read at least 20 minutes at home on Mon.-Thurs.  Your child will have a reading log that will require a parent signature verifying that they have read.  If they read and complete their reading logs weekly they will be part of our "Breakfast Club" at the end of the month. 

    Opportunity Hall

    Your child will be expected to complete all of their class work and homework on time.  If for some reason they do not complete their work in class or at home they will stay in at recess to complete their work.  If they do not finish their work at recess then they will have time after school in Opportunity Hall to complete their work.

    Graded Work

    Every Friday your child will bring home a folder with graded work and other important information.  Please look through the papers and sign and return any necessary papers.


    Parent Conferences

    Parent conferences are scheduled at midterm of the first quarter.  This allows us time in the first quarter to help students bring up grades before report card time.  I am also available throughout the school year for conferences if the need arises.  Please contact me by phone, email, or note and I will be glad to schedule a conference.


    Healthy snacks and water bottles are allowed in class.  Snack time will be in the morning after recess.

                                                                                     Respectfully Yours, 
                                                                                                                                 Kimberly Tomlin