Incredible Exercise  
    Welcome to PE!

    My name is Ginger Beaman and I’ll be your child’s physical education teacher this school year. My mission is to educate all students on the importance of exercise and to motivate them to participate in a lifetime of physical activity.  I hope to provide each student with many opportunities to succeed.

    As a teacher I recognize that children are at different developmental levels, with a variety of needs and interests. Therefore, I’ll attempt to provide all students with teaming experiences that are both beneficial and enjoyable. Each lesson is also adjusted to take into account the wide range of skill and fitness levels that characterize children in elementary school.

    Dress Code:  Please help your child to remember his/her scheduled PE day and to dress accordingly. Wearing tennis shoes is a MUST for your child’s safety and success. If your daughter wears a dress on PE day, please have her wear a pair of shorts underneath. I’d also like to encourage a water bottle!

    Health Concerns: Please inform me of any health issues I should be aware of. If your child needs to be restricted from participating in any physical activity, you must provide me with a written note from yourself or your child’s physician in order to be excused.

    Discipline Plan: Disruptive students will “sit out” until I decide that he/she is ready to re-enter our class activity.  Repeat offenders will receive an email or phone call contacting their parents of continual misbehavior. Severe discipline problems will be referred to our principal, Mrs. Truitt-Lewis.  Sitting out obviously takes away from class participation. Disruption interferes with other student learning. This will be reflected in the student’s grade. Thanks for your help in this area.

    Grading: Participation/Effort ~ 50%
                   Conduct ~ 40%
                   Care of equipment and clean up ~ 10%

    Thank You: I’m looking forward to working with your child and keeping him/her safe while active in PE.  I appreciate all of your help, support, and cooperation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
    Ginger Beaman
    School Phone (520) 459-8986 (ext. 1235)