Chelsea Marcos
    2nd Grade Teacher
    Welcome to Room #193!
               If you are in incoming student our initial information brochure as an additional link on our main website page, so check it out. We'll be glad to welcome you!  You can also find the school year calendar with holiday information and early release information. Please check these dates before making any plans for travel. It would be great if we had 100% perfect attendance this school year!
              As we start the school year, please encourage your student to discuss what they learned in school every day.  It is a great reinforcement if they can share their information filled days with people they look up to.  Also, please remember to have your child read to you, a sibling, a friend, or just to themselves at least 20 minutes daily.  If you find your child wanting to read alone the majority of the time that is okay, but please ask them to describe to you what is happening in their books.  This gives them the opportunity to share and for you to see if they are retaining what they read.  Please continue to look to our website for updated information.


    Mrs. Bovara Image

           I am originally from Saint Gabriel, Louisiana (Geaux Tigers and Saints).  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in learning, technology, and curriculum design.  This will be my 9th year in the classroom and I am just as (or more) excited to start this year, as I was my first day nine years ago.  It is an absolute privilege to be able to teach and watch your child grow this year.  Thank you for the opportunity!