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    In 7th Grade STEM, students are given the opportunity to learn new thinking habits through Project Based Learning/Problem Based Learning. Students are placed into a scenario or have an external scenario that they are required to solve. Solving these situations demands that they think about them in a whole new way-holistically. This allows them to see the effects on not just the situation; but possibly themselves and those immediately around them.   

    Students have built and are learning the basics of programming, their own robots. Next up will be to purpose create/build then program their robots to carry out specific tasks. Time permitting we will also link the robots up to student IPADs and control them via Bluetooth connectivity.

    Some students were not as into robots as the rest and I've started them on a different project. They have been put on teams to work towards the 2017 CSMS entry into the Society of Design Administration's Kidstruction project. This project requires them to research, design, and build and entry in one of four broad categories. Builds may only be constructed of business cards, toothpicks, and glue. Entries will be judged on 29 September 2017. 

    Please check our photo gallery to see what your student is doing in class.                       

    This page will be updated as needed. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at: griffork@fhasd.org