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    Practice schedule is: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1545 through 1700 in Room 1211 at Cochise College (Sierra Vista Campus), map follows.


    Practice ONLY on Wednesday this week! Please use the sign up sheet  to sign up HERE!!! for this weeks (and next if you can) practice sessions as seats are really limited.

    This introduction HERE gives a really good overview on what CyberPatriots is all about. NOTE: it opens in a seperate window.

    CyberPatriots uses a program called VirtualBox to emulate operating systems. Each seperate operating system is a .ova file to import into Virtualbox. I'm setting up a folder so that students can download these files to practice at home. These will require a more modern system to function properly. If you need help/advice on this please let me know. A link to this download folder is HERE!!!

    More information to follow. For questions please contact me at griffork@fhasd.org