• Health
     Mr. Peralta Health Class Syllabus


    What is Health Education?

    Colonel Smith Middle School health education consists of improving your knowledge and awareness in the areas of physical fitness, nutrition, mental illness, stress management, goal setting, decision making, advertising, first aid, drugs and alcohol, and other related topics. The skills you build in this class will be a foundation for many life experiences in the future. I hope to teach you the knowledge on how to take the best possible care of your body and empower you with skills on how to put this knowledge into practice.



    Things we will learn are tentative:

    • physical fitness

    • nutrition

    • mental illness

    • stress management

    • Human skeletal system

    • decision making

    • Human muscular system.

    • Physical illness

    • other related topics


    How will you be graded?

    Students will be graded in 5 different methods.

    1.    Class participation 10 pts a day.

    1.    Quizzes 20-30 pts per quiz

    2.    Presentations & Projections 20-50 pts per

    3.    Homework 10 pts per

    4.    Essays based on topics 20-50 pts per



    Any homework assigned will be due the next day unless I tell you otherwise. I DO accept late but only after one day and that is a 50% off deduction.


    Grading Scale:









    Rules and Discipline Procedures:

    All school rules apply in my classroom. Please become familiar with these rules that are clearly stated in your agenda. I follow that standard tardy policy and ask that all bathroom and drink stops be completed during passing period. Schools policy for discipline will be as follow.

    1.    warning

    2.    Parent contact

    3.    Behavioral support contact

    4.    Referral


    What materials should I bring to class?

    Please come prepared. When homework is assigned, or when you are asked to bring a sheet back to the next class, please do so. You will always need the following materials:

    1.    I Pad if not charged student are responsible to get a lab top from there Pod.

    2.    Pen & Pencil

    3.    Paper


    What if I miss a day of class?

    If you are absent for any reason it’s your responsibility to look on google classroom for your assignments.


    How do I know my grade?

    Parents and Students can check for grade on power school.