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    Welcome to Homework Club!

    After school homework club is provided free of charge to all Colonel Smith Middle School students. The main goal of the Homework Club is to provide students with a quiet place to study and assist them with homework questions in order to instill good study habits, organizational skills, and a sense of accomplishment. This is a supervised session from 3:00pm to 3:45pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday available for independent study time. Students who wish to participate may report to Mrs. Ortiz every Monday and Friday in room 151 and to Mrs. Martell every Tuesday and Wednesday in the 7th grade pod. Please be advised that there is no Homework Club available on Thursday.

    Homework club is available during the year to those students who wish to complete homework tasks at school. Students who attend Homework Club may use their Chromebook or ask to use a laptop/desktop and need to have an assignment or homework task to complete while attending. Colonel Smith Middle School staff are on hand to help and advice where needed, but students are expected to complete their own homework quietly and independently.

    The after school Homework Club operates within the mission statement, values and guidelines of the school. All students who attend Homework Club agree to abide by the school’s behavior code.

    Club guidelines:

    1. Follow school-wide expectations at all times (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be Responsible, Be Successful).
    2. Arrive on time and sign-in.
    3. Bring all necessary materials for homework.
    4. If you finish your homework find something quiet to work on. No student will be excused early without a note from his/her parent or guardian.


    See you there!!


    Homework Club Advisors:

    Mrs. Jennifer Martell

    Mrs. Blanca Ortiz


    Col. Smith Middle School phone number: (520) 459-8892