• Colonel Smith Middle School (CSMS) has a vision that instruction should incorporate real-world, authentic project-based learning opportunities for students to engage deeply in the Arizona standards-driven learning objectives.  CSMS is transitioning to a STEM-driven school providing integrated units of study for students to make connections across curricula and carry forward with them to other studies and into adulthood.
    As part of the integrated model of instruction, CSMS has adopted the use of technology as a vital tool which all students must be able to leverage to accomplish their work and engage in learning, planning, and directing their education.  Each student at CSMS is assigned a Chromebook to access information, complete assignments, and to demonstrate acquisition of skills and knowledge creatively.  Sixth grade students pick up their Chromebook from their assigned Collaboration Teacher each morning and return them at the end of the day.  Students in 7th and 8th grade may take their Chromebook home but can also access their work electronically through their G suite account.
    For more information, visit our tutorials, or contact your child's teacher.