• Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  I am excited to have your student in my math classroom.

    This year, we will be working out of the GoMath textbook.  I use the textbook for instruction and then give your student a worksheet from that lesson to complete as homework.  I try to give students time in class to at least start their homework.  If they come home and tell you they are finished with their homework, this might be true.  You can always log into your PowerSchool to view all of your student's grades and see if there are any missing assignments.  All students were given a sheet with both a parent log-in and a student log-in for Power School.  If you did not receive this sheet, please contact the office for that information.  It is really important to view their grades at least once a week so that you are aware of their grades.

    In my class, their grades will come from the homework assignments, tests, and occasionally an in class assignment or project.  All homework assignments are worth 10 points and I grade based on effort.  All I ask of each student is that they try their very best and show all of their work, and they will receive credit for that assignment.  Tests are worth 100 points and this is where I expect to see mastery of the concepts that were taught and the answers must be correct to receive full credit.  All students were also given a log-in for their my.hrw.com accounts.  This gives them full access to their textbook as well as some other interactive tools.  Please check them out!  If you need your students log-in information for the my.hrw.com account, it can be found on the inside front cover of their school agenda with several other important log-in usernames and passwords.   

    If you or your student ever need anything from me, email is the best way to reach me: merkwanl@fhasd.org