For detailed lesson plan information, go to this link:  https://planbook.com/planbook.html?t=1067375&k=panthers 
    For lecture notes and handouts, etc., go to your students Google classroom stream:  classroom.google.com (lastname.firstname@fhasd.net.in/password is the lunch number111)

    Note:  Progress reports will be mailed out on Wednesday.  Thanksgiving holiday begins Monday, Nov. 20 and continues until Friday, Nov. 24.

    Monday/Tuesday:  How to read a rubric.  How to assess an argument.  In-class paired activity.  No vocab this week.  Honors:  presentations 

    Wednesday/Thursday;  In-class reading:  identify the central idea and supporting details.  Honors:  in-class argumentative essay

    Friday:  Movie with permission form (National Treasure).  In-class reading activities and work time.

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