Tryouts will start Wednesday, October 11 and will go through Friday October 13.  Bring a softball glove.  The team roster will be posted Thursday night on this website.  Practice will start on Monday October 14.  Make sure you have all necessary clothing, shoes and equipment, as well as plenty of water for practice.  Do not buy softball attire until you make the team.  



    ·        White, red or black long-sleeved turtleneck or under armor ,  

    ·        Jacket (for the cold days)

    ·        Sliding shorts (to wear under your pants)

    ·        Softball cleats

    ·        Good glove (We do not have extras!)

    ·        Water



    ·        Attend every practice and game.

    ·        Be eager to learn.  Listen well and implement what you are taught to the best of your ability.

    ·        Speak well of the coaches, your teammates, and your opponents.  Show respect for others at all times.

    ·        Ask permission (in writing) before you miss a practice or game (unexcused absences will result in one game suspension and 3 unexcused absences will result in removal from team).

    ·        Parents pick you up from practice by 5:15.

    ·        Strive for excellence in everything you do (especially your schoolwork!).

    ·        Approach every game the same! If you are aiming for excellence, you won’t have to bear down for “big” games nor fear letting down for others. Strive to play your best regardless of the score or who is winning.  Always give your best effort physically and mentally at all times.

    ·        Be ready to play in cold weather.  Expect bad weather and have the necessary clothing with you at all times.

    ·        Bring water to every practice and every game.

    ·        Bring snacks to every game. (no sodas or energy drinks)



    Susan Jacoby CP (520) 456-5411;  CSMS: 417-8460  E-mail: jacobys@fhasd.org


    Messages may be left at CSMS:  459-8892

Last Modified on September 11, 2017