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    My Name is Mark Goodman, and I am honored to be the new superintendent for Fort Huachuca Accommodation schools.  What an amazing opportunity to work with this dedicated staff and the amazing children of our military families.  We are commencing an exciting and important journey together. 
    I love our country and honor those that serve.  As a dependent, I attended schools on several military installations both here in the United States and abroad.  It was these experiences that led me to develop a deep commitment and personal goal to serve my country.  Just a few days after graduation from high school, I took my first steps of serving by becoming a United States Marine.  Though my initial plan was to make military service my career I pursued a second dream to teach and serve the children of our amazing state.  I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors in History Education and later from Northern Arizona University with a Masters in Educational Leadership. For the past 20 years I have served the students of St. David Unified School District, first as a teacher, then as a Principal for 11 years, and finally as Superintendent for the past 6 years.  When the opportunity arose to serve the military students of Fort Huachuca I wanted to reach back to my roots and serve the families that give so much to our country.
    I would like to take this time to thank the Governing Board for their trust and this opportunity.  Fort Huachuca Accommodation schools are recognized as a premier school district in Cochise County.  I express my gratitude to Mrs. Austin for her amazing leadership that has set a strong foundation and culture upon which to build. 
    Over the next few months I will continue to meet with; staff, students, parents and our partners, seeking input and guidance as we evaluate our District's vision, mission, and core values that will serve as guiding principles as we pursue excellence and develop extraordinary opportunities for our students to succeed in all aspects of their education and life. 
    I am passionate about providing students a quality education in a learning environment that is supportive and responsive to their needs. My personal vision is that Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District will provide a world-class education and be seen and recognized as an educational jewel within the state of Arizona and as an example to be replicated.
    As we pursue excellence please engage with us because the success of our children requires you as our partner. 
    Mark Goodman

    FHASD Superintendent

    Average teacher salary for FY 2019 = $50,088
    Average teacher salary for FY 2018 =$46,378
    Average increase in teacher salary = $3,710
    Percentage increase in teacher salary =8%
    The average teacher salary calculation is for teacher as defined under the classroom site fund definition.
    These estimates are based upon the Fiscal Year 2019 Adopted Budget.
    District Office will be closed for lunch daily from 12:00 to 1:00. 

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